Let us honour Her Majesty's 60 years of service by providing a little service ourselves – join The Jubilee Hour

Welcome to the "The Jubilee Hour" Book of Celebration and thank you for joining in!

This campaign aims to recognise Her Majesty the Queen’s 60 years of public service by encouraging people to undertake at least 60 minutes of volunteering, or an act of goodwill. You can pledge your Jubilee hour(s) to be done at any time in the Jubilee year.

To get started, you can open your own profile page; pledge a Jubilee hour (or more) either as an individual, family, community, group, or company. Then start thinking about the act of goodwill, volunteering or good deed you may undertake.

If you represent more than yourself, a club, business, charity or other organisation, you can register a page and update on behalf of your members and colleagues.

Don’t worry if you are uncertain about what to do. A section of this book will provide links and ideas that will help you to join in. Or you can look at what others are doing for inspiration! Once you have decided how to spend your hour, come back and write about your activities, perhaps even upload photos or video.