Pledges from Families and Individuals

Catherine Grant

Fleet, United Kingdom

Olympic Torchbearer

John, at 83 was proud and privileged to have been an Olympic Torchbearer on May 22nd, between Bath and Bristol. With family, friends and crowds in their thousands the experience and memories made of carrying the Flame and passing it on with a "kiss" is something my family will treasure forever. I was delighted to have been invited to visit many schools with the Torch for the children to hold and ask questions, fantastic to see their faces light up was such a joy. They sang, put on shows for me and took photographs! Also collecting money for charity with the Torch was a thrill. A few weeks after my torch-bearing my wife, June, suffered a stroke, unexpected, sad, something you are never prepared for though here we are almost at Christmas and we are all at home thankful and grateful. Life is good again just different. So 2012 has had highs, such lows but we are all here together - celebrating.

Message of goodwill

Your Majesty what a wonderful year 2012 has been for our country, your celebrations and the Olympics have made Britain, great! Finishing the year with the news of a new great grand child, We The Grant family thank you for a year to remember both nationally, internationally and for us as a family and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and happy healthy new year.

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