Pledges from Families and Individuals

John O'Brien

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

I will be pledging to do a variety of things

I will be gardening some waste ground near where I live, joining the community in tidying up a local brook and woodland area and also hope to join a charity working with children from deprived areas in London. Additionally I hope to join other opportunities around the country!

Message of goodwill

The Queen recently gave her parliamentary Jubilee address, where she spoke of that institution as an “unshakeable cornerstone of our way of life”. The reality is that she herself has been exactly that to the majority of us and represents the most longstanding example of service we have in this country. In creating The Jubilee Hour initiative, I wanted to create an opportunity for all who wished to - to join in recognising her service by being a part of something mobilised for good. It is tremendous to see this ethos embraced by so many.

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