Just as you would find in a regular book, the online Jubilee Hour Book of Celebration is divided into chapters, and in most browsers hovering over the corners of the pages will allow you to “turn” them. If not, there is a large arrow on either side of the book to help you navigate back and forth.

You can join the Jubilee Hour campaign in one of two ways: as an individual or family; or as an organisation. If you have friends or neighbours who do not have access to a computer, please do offer to let them join your family group or help them to record their activity. Please provide a "best guess" of how long your activity will take and therefore the total number of hours that should be pledged. You can come back and amend this whenever you like.

Most importantly, once you have registered you can log in again at any time to update your profile page. Please return once your hour has been completed and tell us more about what you, your family, group or organisation chose to do and let us see your photos and video footage.

Click on any of the chapters opposite to read about the inspirational activities of others.