The Jubilee Hour partners

"The Jubilee Hour" team is a voluntary consortium of individuals and organisations giving time to make this the largest mobilisation of voluntary effort since World war Two. We are enormously grateful for the support from our strategic partners, without whom, this initiative simply would not have been possible, our delivery partners who have contributed so much for free and other individuals and organisations listed.

Strategic Partners

If you need to find a volunteering opportunity or you are an organisation seeking volunteers click here

In addition, there have been numerous associated partners who have given of their time, expertise, contacts and facilities to ensure that this campaign is created successfully We thank you for your goodwill and generosity.

Campaign Delivery Partners

  • Friends & Relations
  • Brand Pie
  • Tetra

Media Partner

  • Hello!

Pro-bono Partners and Sponsors

  • weheartdigial Ltd
  • Transpraxis
  • British Polo Day
  • doggARTadams

Thanks to the following for making this initiative possible:
Jonathan Haward, David Altschuler, Dave Allen, Neil Mackwood, David Taylor, Tom Shrive, Elizabeth Karoly, Gordon Adgey, Andy Doyle, Stephen McNeilly, James O'Keefe, Peter Widdup, Amanda Carpenter, Stephen Bell


A Message From our Founder