Ideas of things to do

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to come up with an idea of your own. We have plenty of partners who can offer ideas on how to pledge your time.

The following pages provide links to a whole range of opportunities to enable you to take part. Do consider looking through what others are doing as that will also provide you with inspiration.

Once you have decided how to spend your hour, please return and write about your activities, perhaps even upload photos or video footage once you have finished, helping inspire others.


If you need to find a volunteering opportunity or you are an organisation seeking volunteers, click here

The Big Society Co-operative

A few ideas of things to do

Give Blood

Helping to save the life of a complete stranger is an act of kindness like no other. Giving blood is a simple and very powerful way to help others and costs nothing but your time. To find out more click here now

Wash a Car

The next time you wash your car, why not offer to wash your neighbour's at the same time. Better still, if washing your car on the road, you could simply wash the car in front or behind as an unexpected treat.

Mow a Neighbour's Lawn

We've all made a mental note to cut the lawn at the weekend, only to find that it pours with rain for the entire time and the grass has to be left another week... Surprise a friend or neighbour by cutting their grass next time you do your own. Cutting untidy grass verges is a lovely treat for the entire street.

Cook a Meal for Someone

Cook and deliver a meal for a friend or neighbour who might need a helping hand. Moving house, having a new baby or sick child... there are many times when your kindness will be much appreciated. Baking a cake for someone who just needs a bit of cheering up is also a thoughtful way to show someone that you care or even do it collectively and sell the cakes for a charity of your choice.