The Project is simple... the thinking behind it...

John O'BrienJohn O'Brien, Founder

Thank you for answering the call to recognise The Queen's 60 years of service by giving a minimum of 60 minutes of your own. We can celebrate this remarkable achievement through positive action, based on a set of circumstances resulting from one extraordinary woman.

When the Queen recently gave her parliamentary Jubilee address, she spoke of that institution as an "unshakeable cornerstone of our way of life". She herself has been exactly that to the many of us and represents the most longstanding example of public service we have. In her life we see some of the very best of human qualities and have an example of commitment of staggering proportions; a life of total dedication and discipline with an enormous sense of responsibility.

The Jubilee Hour offers us all the chance to reflect such values both individually and collectively, to follow the Queen's example and act equally positively as part of a huge act of altruism.

I wish you happy volunteering and thank you for celebrating the Jubilee and Her Majesty's service in such a positive way.


John O'Brien